Moving Checklist

Donate or toss: This is a great time to go through the house and figure out what you need and what you can either donate or toss out. There is no reason to move things you don’t intend to keep.

Research: Plan on getting a few different quotes from moving companies and then decide which one you will use or if you will rent a van and do it on your own.

Gather supplies: Find some boxes or buy them and make sure you have plenty of tape, bubble wrap or newspaper for delicate items and markers. You will want to label each box as you pack it so it’s easy to place in the proper room of your new home.
Take measurements: You won’t want to find out on moving day that the couch doesn’t fit in the front door. Make sure you check room dimensions as well as door dimension at your new house to avoid these surprises.

Change of address: Make sure to file a change of address with Canada Post and inform doctors, friends, work and anyone else who needs to know about your change of address.

Clean out the fridge: Leading up to your move try and use up the food in your fridge and freezer and refrain from doing too much grocery shopping before the move.

Cut off utilities: You will need to setup utilities, cable and phone at your new home before you move in but don’t forget to also cancel these services before you move.

Start packing: Pack the things you won’t need leading up to your move first, ie/ extra bedding, or items in a spare room or closet. Go room by room and make sure that you label all your boxes. Don’t put essential items such as medication or toiletries in the moving truck. Have each member of the family pack a suitcase and include these items so you are sure to have them from the moment you arrive in your new home.